Ruan Hao, Xiong Xing

Zhang Yue

School of Architecture, Tsinghua University


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Jury comments:
The project takes New York City as a case study by suggesting a one-day sunlight festival.

“As the urbanization of every city goes, a sphere surface of the earth that receives sunlight is broken into a much bigger surface with over half of the areas being the façade of the buildings.” The city formation has great impact on the available sunlight in a city by leaving major parts of facades and streets in the shade.

The project suggests mirror installations on selected day lit facades with variable redirection of light to the shaded cityscape. With the project the authors want to raise the awareness of the importance of sunlight - both in design and in daily life, to architects and people in the cities.

The jury finds that it is a very intriguing and strong project that really hits the target by celebrating daylight; the future of light is also the future of the city. It is a project full of poetry and the approach pushes the traditional metropolis - as anti advertising – and with a focus on democratic light, where the city shares lightness and darkness. The authors understand city space and they consider globalisation and think in terms of revisiting urbanism through conceptual thinking.

The jury appreciates the strong approach and also that the authors are taking a risk with a project on this scale and by asking the questions; can the well known “delirium” city centre be transformed to a healing city? And can light positively affect the mood of the citizens?

The project presentation is very powerful. It is an extension from Christo’s work - taking architecture into new territories by revealing Mondrian-inspired light potentials.