Dean MacGregor

Carlos Lampreia

Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa


Download first part as PDF (2,960 KB)

Download first part as PDF (4,462 KB)

Jury comments:
“The Project presupposes an understanding of emptiness within a vacuum”. The project - a programme of cultural lifestyle; a concert hall or an exhibition area - is located underground below a city square. The only relationship with the outside world is large masses of water in transparent glass containers that emit light to the interior.

The jury was intrigued by the fragile, straightforward and playful idea - probably inspired by looking at the play of light in a wine glass; here transformed into a larger scale of a museum. On this scale the vessels – used as condensers of light – will have a powerful influence on the space due to liquid movement and colour variation, and the sunlight is transmitted to the floor by the glass columns.

The project is a celebration of light and it has its merits in vision and in sublime poetry by marking light phenomena and mystery. The impression is, however, that the author does not truly believe in his own genius and cannot live up to his own imagination. The project drawings – plans and sections are unelaborated compared with the appealing model photos. What stands out in the project is the scale; with an intervention that really “fires off”.

Daylight it seems, once trapped or captured into a jar of water immediately presents itself as a magical “chandelier” over bright, fluid and sparkling. The idea that the jar of water can be read as a vertical column makes this project highly transient and has in its character, albeit, a potential for execution as well.